21 karat gold-plated Ulto stone embroidered black rosary


  • The black gold plated ulto stone rosary is a rosary of a rare and precious stone
  • The total length of the rosary: ​​28 cm
  • Beads Size: 9mm
  • The beads are black and spherical
  • Weight 0.12kg
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21 karat gold-plated ulto stone Rosary

  • The black gold plated olto stone rosary is a rosary of a rare and precious stone
  • The ulto gemstone is known as the black diamond
  • The ulto stone is also useful in eliminating stress, and the demand for Islamic beads and jewelry made from it has recently increased, as it is distinguished by its bright black color.
  • The total length of the rosary: ​​28 cm
  • Beads Size: 9mm
  • The beads are black and spherical
  • Weight 0.12kg
  • This rosary includes 21 karat gold-plated silver beads that can be engraved with special name letters
  • This rosary can be a special Father’s Day gift and a must-have accessory for life


Black Ulto stone covered with gold:

  • It is a gemstone popularly known as “black diamond” or the famous lignite stone, one of the distinctive stones that relieve stress and is extracted from several meters below the surface of the earth
  • Villagers in the Turkish state of Erzurum extract it under difficult conditions and digging with hammers, chisels, hoes and shovels
    The workshops work on converting it into swimming pools and adapting it to be used later in jewelry and gold or silver jewelry.

Erzurum Province:

  • The city of Erzurum or the land of the rum (or Erzurum because the Turks do not differentiate between the pronunciation between the d and the zai) is the capital of the province of Erzurum and is located in northeastern Turkey. It has a population of about 767,848 people. The city has a large number of Kurds and its population is a mixed community, consisting of Himeshene Armenians, Lumi Armenians, Turks, Kurds, and Circassians.
  • The city of Erzurum has existed since ancient times under the name Karen and was the capital of a province with the same name during the rule of the kings of Armenia after the division of Armenia between the Romans and the Persians in 387 AD. Due to its military importance and its strategic location on the eastern borders of the Romans, it was the subject of fierce fighting between the Persians and the Romans. Emperors Anastasius I and Justinian I were interested in fortifying the city and increasing its defensive capabilities.

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 18 cm


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