The best way to treat gray hair

  • Dermaderm shampoo is a complex of natural herbs that soften and color white hair for men and women, Dermaderm shampoo contains natural herbs and vitamins that prevent the appearance of gray hair in men and women
  • Dermaderm conditioner for white hair
  • Dermaderm conditioner contains a unique blend of vitamins that treat graying and restore hair color to its nature
  • Benefits of Dermaderm shampoo
  • Get rid of gray hair and restore hair color to its natural state
  • Strengthen hair with nourishing vitamins
  • Strengthen hair and protect it from falling
  • Features of Dermaderm shampoo and conditioner
  • Dermaderm shampoo and conditioner made from 100% natural materials and does not contain any dyes
  • Dermaderm shampoo contains natural herbal extracts and vitamins that prevent the formation of graying afterwards
  • It can be used at any time
  • Suitable for all ages, men and women

How to use Dermaderm shampoo :

  • Use Dermaderm shampoo in every shower instead of the usual shampoo and massage the hair well and leave the shampoo for at least two or three minutes to reach the components of the shampoo to the scalp and then wash the hair with water
  • It is preferable to shower daily using this shampoo to get the fastest results

How to use Dermaderm conditioner :

  • Take an amount of Dermaderm conditioner and apply it to the scalp with the fingertips to distribute it on all the scalp and the amount should be appropriate so that it covers all the roots of the white hair


  • For faster results, place a nylon cap on the hair for at least an hour, at least once a day, after using the Dermaderm conditioner.
  • Dermaderm shampoo is a treatment, not a hair dye, so it will take time to change the color.
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