Herbal capsules with fig seed oil extract +


  • Strengthening the immune system.
  • Reducing swelling and speeding up wound healing.
  • Dear Colon Health.
  • Improving the health of skin, hair and nails.
  • Clean the liver of toxins.
  • Contribute to weight loss. Strengthening the work of the immune system.
  • A healthy vegetarian product and a natural food supplement


Herbal capsules with fig seed oil extract + grape seed oil

+ Black seed oil + olive oil

  • Delaying the appearance of wrinkles: protecting the skin from damage that may be caused by sunlight and healing or mitigating many skin conditions, such as: acne, eczema, and dermatitis. Nourishing and moisturizing the skin, smoothing it and reducing stretch marks.
  • Promote the health of the heart and circulatory system: It reduces the levels of harmful cholesterol in the body, and it can also reverse the damage that may be exposed to the arteries and blood vessels, which may improve the functions of the circulatory system and it also helps to alleviate some health problems, such as: varicose veins, and spider veins.
  • Reducing anxiety: It contains powerful antioxidants, active minerals and amino acids, all of which will calm the nerves, thus reducing stress and anxiety. Contributing to weight loss: It may contribute to weight loss, as it is rich in fiber that increases the feeling of satiety. For longer, eat fewer meals and lose weight.
  • It contains a large number of nutrients for hair and follicles: it is ideal for preventing and stopping gray hair before it occurs, as it is also useful in reversing graying and restoring the natural hair color. Maintaining the balance of scalp oils, maintaining hair moisture and luster, increasing its softness and drooping., and helping to disrupt The harmful effect of free radicals on the hair, thus keeping the hair protected from any damage.
  • Contribute to weight loss: Helps to increase your feeling of satiety for a longer period, thus reducing the amount of food eaten later, and this means fewer calories.
  • Strengthening the work of the immune system: Improving the work and efficiency of the immune system in fighting various diseases, as the fatty acids in olive oil play a role in promoting the health of the immune system and supporting it in fighting pathogens that enter the body.

60 capsules of 100% natural ingredients


  • Licensed by the Turkish Ministry of Health and Food.
  • It holds the Turkish Content Safety Certificate and conforms to the Turkish Health Standards Food Registration No. TR-01-K-001008.
  • Produced in our certified Halal-certified facility.
  • Free of flavors, coloring’s, preservatives and any harmful chemicals
  • How to use: According to the recommended method of use is found on each package.
  • Storage conditions: Store in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight, and it must be tightly closed
  • Estimated delivery times: 8-10 days (for Arab countries) (Europe 5-7 days) (United States, Canada – Australia and the rest of the countries from 18-30 days).
  • Production and expiration date are stated on the packaging.
  • Payment method: Easily online or transfer via Western Union 100% guaranteed.
  • Do not use expired products
  • Returns are accepted if the product is not as described
  • It is a healthy vegetable product, it is a natural food supplement that is not a cure.

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